5 Myths Women Believe About Men

5 Myths Women Believe About Men

Most women have some pre-conceived conclusions regarding men, their behavior and definitely how it all relates to their relationship status. A lot of it has come over from the movies, and truth be told, reality in most of these scenarios is much different. Here are 5 myths which most women believe about men, and the fact behind them.

1. Men love the chase

Somehow, women have come to the conclusion that men love the chase. Think about it. Why would any human being love to gain all the courage and speak their heart out, only to be rejected and humiliated. The truth isn’t that men love to chase; they just have to chase.

2. A man and woman cannot be friends without benefits

While this is something that has mostly been fed into our minds by the movies, reality is much different. Yes, at some stage in life, one may be a little attracted towards the other, and they may or may not choose to become partners, but being friends only for sex is absolute rubbish.

3. Time taken to have sex is proportional to respect gained

If you think that your boyfriend will respect you more because you delayed the sex to your hundredth date, you could be in for some major disappointment. Take such decisions of your life based on what you want, and not on what you feel the other person may think. Respect is a completely different issue that will depend on your other behaviors, and will definitely depend on the guy you are with.

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