5 Most Expensive Wines In The World

5 Most Expensive Wines In The World

“Oh I wish I could actually sip these lovely wines”, said Dorothy, letting out a sigh. “But they’re so expensive”, she continued. “Which wines are you drooling over Dorothy?”, Leila said. They were skimming through a sommelier’s special magazine at a restaurant, waiting for their food to arrive. “Hey Leila, let’s read a little more about these wines that are considered to be the most expensive in the world”, Dorothy said excitedly.

Why don’t we too take a look at this list of the costliest wines in the world?

1. Screaming Eagle Cabernet (1992) priced at $500,000

We wonder who can shell out so much money for wine. Some experts don’t consider $500,000 to be the original price of the wine because it was auctioned for a charity at the Napa Valley in 1992. The wine was purchased by a Cisco Systems executive named Chase Bailey. Well, people do have the money, don’t they?

2. Chateau Cheval Blanc (1947) priced at $304,375

This wine is said to be one of the best Bordeaux wines of all time. It was sold at an auction at Christie’s in Geneva. It’s amazing to know that this bottle, in the Imperial format, can be preserved for another 50 years. No wonder it’s in the list of the most expensive wines of the world.

3. Shipwrecked Heidsieck (1907) priced at $275,000

Do you know why this expensive wine is called shipwrecked? Apparently, it was shipped to the Russian Imperial family in 1916, but the ship got wrecked in the way and all the bottles were retrieved in 1997. The Shipwrecked Heidsieck is one of the most expensive wine, champagne to be precise, in the world because it is 300 years old and hails from the famous Heidsieck vineyard in Champagne, France.

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