5 Most Common Reasons For Divorce

5 Most Common Reasons For Divorce

How exactly does a relationship like marriage which is meant to be supremely strong goes kaput? How do two people having decided to spend the rest of their lives together suddenly settle otherwise? There may be several reasons why a disaster like divorce exists in society, but the most common reasons for divorce are listed here.

1. Kids

Things between husbands and wives go seriously awry when it comes to child rearing and there is clash in decisions. Each thinks that what he/she decides for the child is better. Another issue when it comes to kids is the share of responsibilities that cause rifts in marriages and are eventually responsible for divorce.

2. Sex

Often the sexual compatibility between partners in a marriage does not meet up to expected standards. This results in sexual dissatisfaction of either the husband or the wife and then leads to blaming the other for hiding facts before marriage or losing interest in the relationship. Sex is a very common issue that leads to divorce.

3. Adultery

Adultery or infidelity is one of the top reasons why divorces happen. Statistics show that among major reasons for divorce, adultery stands almost at the upper rung in many countries. Commonly known as cheating, adultery is one factor which defies the agreed terms of a marriage and thus is a very strong cause that leads to separation.

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