5 Most Awesome Technological Inventions

5 Most Awesome Technological Inventions

Technology is the most important aspect of life in the modern times. Technological advancements have made our lives very easy and fast. Have a look at the 5 greatest technological inventions ever.

1. Stark Hand

This prototype of a hand was named after its inventor, Mark Stark. The best advantage of this robotic hand is that it shapes itself very effectively depending upon the thing that it holds. According to Stark, it can grab almost anything.

2. Printbrush

This was a breakthrough invention in the printing field by Alex Breton. It is the smallest portable printer and weighs just around 350 grams. It works on RMPT i.e. Random Movement Printing Technology which translates random hand movements into high quality image print outs.

3. Katal Landing Pad

It is a landing pad for the snowboarders who are under a great threat of grievously injuring themselves because of serious landing accidents. Thus, Aaron Coret and Stephen Slen came up with this amazing invention after Coret himself survived a nasty accident. The pad acts as a cushion to the snowboarders who land on it, saving them from any injury. It was also used in the Winter Games in Vancouver.

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