5 Meditation Techniques for Beginners

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Meditation does not mean being able to sit quietly in a place for an extended period of time. For all you know, your mind is wandering and you are simply sitting idle and wasting time. Although, it seems very simple, meditation is the training of your mind and your ability to channelize your thoughts, concentrate and exercise control over the mind. But you can help yourself make a beginning with a few simple techniques. Here are 5 meditation techniques for beginners.

1. Start with deep breathing exercises

Close your eyes, sit upright, and concentrate on your breathing pattern. You can begin with normal breathing; try to channelize all your thoughts on your breathing pattern, observe and focus all your attention. Count in your mind while your breathing, it helps to not divert your thoughts. Gradually take deep breathes and follow the same pattern.

2. Muscle relaxation and stretching exercises

One way to prepare your mind and body for meditation is to begin with basic stretching exercises. It relaxes your body muscles and helps you to gradually progress toward high level meditation where you are required to sit quietly and channelize your energy. Stretch your hands, legs, rotation of shoulders in clock and anti-clockwise movement. Also follow the same exercise to relax your neck muscles.

3. Audio meditation

Get a meditation audio tape which plays soothing music– only instrumental beats or take help of a guide who helps you train your mind by giving directions. The directions will help you stay focused and lead you to meditate independently at a later stage.

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