5 Makeup Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

5 Makeup Tips You Haven't Heard Before

Mark and Jacob, our stylist friends held a high tea one afternoon on our request to educate us a little more about makeup. This time we told them to dole out rare and unique makeup tips that we wouldn’t have heard before. They deal with celebrities, models and other high society clients all the time. So we finally mustered the courage to ask them “Mark and Jacob, we’re your good friends. You better tell us rare and unique makeup tips we haven’t heard before!”

Here’s what they said.

1. Use colorful eyeliners

“We don’t mean use all the colors together”, joked Mark, laughing out loud. “Just switch from your black eyeliner to some new colors like bottle green, pale blue and lavender”, added Jacob. “A black eyeliner may accentuate your eyes to a limit, but they make them look small. And for small faces, that’s a complete no-no”, said Jacob. “Not only that, colored eyeliner will also keep the fun in your makeup alive”, he added.

2. Use natural Aloe Vera gel to avoid rashes

“We’ve seen so many ladies walk right out in front of us just a few minutes after shaving or waxing”, said Jacob, with a disgusted look. “Jacob, how can you possibly guess that they’ve shaved?”, we asked, perplexed. “We can see that fresh redness all over their hands, legs and even eyebrows, in case they’ve been tweezed!”, said Jacob. “A unique and rare pre makeup tip you wouldn’t know is to apply Aloe Vera gel all over all freshly waxed or shaved skin. This will reduce rashes and ready your skin for makeup”, he advised.

3. Use non-shimmery lip balms over a matte lip color

“But the whole point of using matte lipstick is to keep lips non-shiny and dulled out right?”, we asked our stylist duo. “That’s true, but this is one tip you wouldn’t have heard before”, said Jacob, signaling Mark to speak. “I second my mate here. The reason why you must apply a non-luscious lip balm over matte lip colors is because after few hours of application, matte shades tend to dry out and make lips look chapped out. To have your matte color last from 9 to 9, use this makeup tip”, he added. “Yes Sir”, we all said in unison.

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