5 Makeup Tips That Will Make You Look Great In Photos

5 Makeup Tips That Will Make You Look Great In Photos

Are you getting a photo clicked for your yearbook? Are you getting yourself clicked to send some pictures to your boyfriend? Then we know you’ve got to look your very best. Here are some makeup tips that will make look a great in photos, straight from the photographer Frank’s den.

MagforWomen: Frank, you’re the experienced one here. Please tell us a few makeup tips that will make us women look great in photos.

Frank: Use a water based foundation. Before you start applying your rouge or blush, make sure you get good coverage with a water based foundation. Crème based foundations can sometimes look very cakey in photographs because of the lighting. This is one makeup tip that many women don’t know about.

MagforWomen: What about eye makeup, Frank? Any makeup tips here that will make us look lovely in photos?

Frank: Keep your eye makeup as natural as you can. Stick to beiges and browns. I’ve seen many women wearing frosty, shimmery and glowing eye shadows and liner for being clicked. They just look bad in photos. Unless you are a model posing for a photo shoot, stick to this makeup tip that will make you look good in photos.

MagforWomen: Frank, can you give us makeup tips that will make us look great in photos when we’re at a party or a wedding?

Frank: Of course. This is the best makeup tip anyone can give you to look great in photos. Whenever you’re at a party or a longer running occasion, mist your face lightly with fragrance or a body mist spray and then dab it with a tissue so that your makeup remains fresh as a daisy. Even if you are in an air conditioned location, makeup tends to start loosening up after a few hours. This makeup tip will ensure that you look great in photos.

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