5 Lifelong Health Benefits Of Yoga

5 Lifelong Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga and its asanas or postures may have originated in the East, but even the western world has now accepted it as an alternative form of medicine for many ailments and to generally keep fit. Let’s take a look at some of the well known health benefits of Yoga.

1. Yoga’s impact on cardiovascular fitness

Asanas are the backbone of Yoga which involve holding the body in certain positions along with breath control. It is because of this very reason that Yoga gives cardiovascular fitness to the body. Long term practice of Yoga can also reduce risks associated to cardiovascular diseases.

2. Improved blood circulation

Another health benefit of Yoga is that it boosts and regulates blood circulation because of the intricate movements and postures that the exercises entail. Improved blood circulation has a wide range of benefits such as improving and aiding the digestive system and easing muscle tension.

3. Regular practicing of Yoga leads to a better posture

Yoga revolves around the art of perfecting muscle movements and posture stances. People who’ve been practicing Yoga for a long period of time claim that Yoga benefits them by helping them carry the right posture on a daily basis, even at times when they are not practicing it.

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