5 Lessons Women Can Learn From Men

5 Lessons Women Can Learn From Men

Although, almost everything is contingent upon individual personality traits, there are certain things that are conventionally associated with women when it comes to their general conduct. This is not a tug of war between Mars and Venus, but surely women can learn a teeny tiny bit from men around them. Here are 5 lessons that women can learn from men.

1. Don’t stress and get paranoid

Sometimes the problem might be really small, but women tend to make a mountain out of the mole; the electrician or plumber not coming on time is exaggerated as much as a fire alarm. Delay in flights, situations where things do not go as planned are not handled with calm and composure. Most women make such a fuss that everyone around them would know that something is wrong. They need to calm down and handle everything with patience.

2. Take less time to shop

Most women do have a fine taste and want to spend their money wisely. But they also tend to abandon the whole world on their shopping spree. If they are accompanied by someone, usually a male companion, they are not very concerned about the time taken up. Women should learn to spend less time on shopping.

3. Chill out on weekends

Most women can’t relax; their weekends are more about being with their boyfriends, loved ones or children. Sometimes they need to let go of their responsibilities and not take on everything on themselves. Like men, if not poker nights, women should have a girls night out and let their hair down.

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