5 Kinds of Friends to Avoid

5 Types of Friends to Avoid

What’s essential for survival? Food, air, water, shelter. And add a friend to that. Irrespective of place and culture, human beings have always wanted a friend. It’s a sacred social bond, sometimes running thicker than blood. We may not be in great terms with our families for the unique life choices we make, but most of us have friends to fall back on, be it in the high school, the university or at work. Yet, there are friends for whom the word “frenemy” was created. These are friends who are best kept at an arm’s length. Here are five kinds of friends to avoid:

1. Friends who put you down

There are people in your friend circle who always make use of a chance to put you down. Maybe they talk about a personal flaw or incident you told them about in confidence, or they act like bullies. These are not friends at all. These are people who make your life miserable and cause your self esteem to go down.

2. Friends who are control freaks

If you happen to be a demure girl, lacking a bit in confidence, chances are cocksure individuals will find you. These sorts of people would want to run your life according to their own whims and standards. Initially, this might feel OK, but you’ll tire too soon. These types of friends are highly dangerous for their strong influence on you. They will always criticize you making you feel bad for the person you are. You can never win an argument with them because they are “always right”. They hardly listen to your views. All they are interested in is establishing their own theories of everything. They often brainwash you to do things you would usually not do.

3. The testing friends

These are one of the most taxing friends to have. They will make you promise, want you to make several commitments like “promise you’ll never talk to Betty again” or “you are coming with me to the pub tonight”, and then stand you up! That’s weird right? Well not for the “testing friends”. They like to create situations to “test” your loyalty, honesty etc. They are ever doubtful and think they are better than other people as human beings. Hence, the testing to see if you match their imagined “standards”. They can be insufferably patronizing. They will always make you feel jittery and unsure of where you stand with them.

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