5 Interesting Facts About The Lovely Miranda Kerr

5 Interesting Facts About The Lovely Miranda Kerr

“We all know her as the bubbly model from Australia, the land ‘Down Under’. But Miranda Kerr has quite a personality of her own”, said Mrs. Gossiper. We continued to listen to Mrs. Gossiper curiously as she told us 5 fascinating facts about model, Miranda Kerr. “Do you know, she’s created quite a buzz with her breastfeeding pictures recently” said Mrs. Gossiper. She was in complete gossip mode now.

1. She practices Nichiren Buddhism

“She definitely doesn’t look like a Buddhist, does she now?”, asked Mrs. Gossiper. “It is a known fact that Miranda Kerr practices Nichiren Buddhism which is based on the teachings of a Japanese monk back in the 13th century”, she added. We were amused to know that even Miranda Kerr’s husband Orlando Bloom practices Soka Gakkai which is a religion within Nichiren Buddhism. “Wow, these guys are weird”, said Mrs. Gossiper, sarcastically.

2. Her son’s middle name is her ex-boyfriends’ first name

Really? We were taken aback when Mrs. Gossiper said this to us. “It’s with a reason, darling. Miranda Kerr’s ex-boyfriend Christopher died at the tender age of 15 in a car accident. I think it is a sweet tribute and is a loving act by Miranda, don’t you think so?”, asked Mrs. Gossiper. For the first time, Mrs. G was sounding so polite!

3. She’s a country girl

“Now I know where she’s got that lovable and innocent look on her face. Miranda Kerr is a country girl, brought up in the Australian country side”, informed Mrs. Gossiper. It brought a smile to our face when Mrs Gossiper told us this fact because it seems she really enjoyed her childhood. “As a child, Miranda used to go horseback riding, motorcycle racing in the country side and was a humble kid”, said Mrs. Gossiper.

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