5 Ideas To Get Luscious Lips

5 Ideas To Get Luscious Lips

The biggest asset that a face can have is a pair of healthy, soft, luscious lips. Many women attend to their lips only when they are completely dry and chapped in winters. During other seasons, lips are not taken care of. To keep your lips soft and healthy all year long, use some of the tips given below.

1. Use a lip balm regularly

Using a lip balm or a chapstick with a neutral color and flavor is an ideal way of keeping lips moist and soft. This will also prevent dead skin of the lips from falling off. Get yourself in the habit of moisturizing your lips every night so that you wake up with a plump set.

2. Exfoliate

Whilst having a shower, make sure you apply soap on your lips and lightly scrub them. If you don’t want to use soap, use toothpaste and apply it on the lips whilst bathing.

3. Remove lip colors

This is for women who wear lip color every single day. Make sure that like the rest of your makeup, you take off your lip color before you go to bed. Take a swab of cotton, dab some cold cream on it and wipe off the lipstick with it. Wash the lips with lukewarm water and apply lip balm for a soothing effect.

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