5 Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

5 Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

Losing weight is difficult but so is gaining. The amount of control and dedication required for the former is also required if you want to gain weight. If you think that since you are underweight, you can eat anything and everything you like, think again. There are well defined healthy ways to gain weight. Listed here are 5 such effective ways how you can gain weight in a healthy way.

1. Eat frequently

Make sure that you never go on an empty stomach. Always keep your stomach full by eating more frequently. It goes without saying, never miss a meal. In between meals, have several healthy snacks. Make sure that the gap in between the meals and/or snacks you have is not more than four hours. Eating within every four hours will keep your body continually supplied with energy and will prevent any unwanted muscle mass loss due to strain in energy.

2. Eat several nutrient-rich foods at a time

Whenever you eat, ensure that your nutrient intake is varied. You must always eat at least three to four different varieties of foods that will provide you with a wide range of nutrients. For example, during breakfast, have a toast with cheese or butter, an omelet, one whole fruit, along with a glass of milk. This is to make certain that in one meal a variety of nutrients are provided to the body. Try and do this even during the in-between-meal snacks.

3. Add liquids to your diet

The advantage of adding several liquids to your meal is that liquids do not make you feel full while at the same time provide you with all the necessary nutrients. Therefore, instead of whole fruits, have fruit juices; instead of other solid snacks, have plenty of skimmed milk, soy, smoothies and so on.

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