5 Healthy Food Choices to Replace Junk Food

5 Healthy Food Choices to Replace Junk Food

Although the word ‘junk food’ sounds ‘junk’, it is full of flavors, aromas and a taste that make people return to it in spite of being fully aware of the fact that it makes them add on extra pounds. And that too, on the most undesirable places of the body. To add to that, its repercussions are seen in the form of life threatening diseases like obesity. Yet, it is really hard to say ‘no’ to junk food. Do you face the same issue? Wondering what you should do in that case? Well, you should try scouting for alternatives and make healthy food choices. Now, that is certainly not a complex task. The list mentioned below helps you create healthy and tasty substitutes for junk food in no time at all.

1. French Fries

This is a common accompaniment with most meals and appeals to the young and old alike. Super hot French fries smell and taste awesome. But, they do as much harm as they can by expanding your waistline if you consume them regularly.
There are two healthier and equally tastier alternatives to French fries. Have freshly sliced potatoes sprinkled with herbs, salt, little bit of oil and bake them to perfection. Or better still, baked sweet potatoes that are full of beta carotene and fiber make a fine substitute for French fries.

2. Sodas

Many people have the habit of gulping cans and cans of soda during meals. Plain drinking water is almost out of their life. Some others opt for diet sodas under the pretext that they are made with artificial sweeteners. However, artificial sweeteners do cause harm although not as much as sugar.
Try sparkling water and spruce it up with orange or lime juice. Add slices of fresh fruit or a hint of mint to it.

3. Sandwiches

Although sandwiches are promoted as being ‘healthiest’ option among junk foods, they too come with numerous fat filled salad dressings, mayonnaise and sauces which cause anything but benefit.
Switch to whole wheat or brown bread, packed with fresh vegetables, herbs and lean meat. If you wish to fill it with fish, make sure you get it grilled. If you must use sauce, ensure you do the needful rather than letting the chef douse your sandwich with it.

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