5 Healthiest Drinks Ever

4. Beet root Juice

Beet root was a much underestimated vegetable until the recent times when its benefits were brought to the fore. Consumption of beet root juice reduces problems such as acne, dry skin and dandruff. Also, the juice improves stamina, treats anemia, increases immunity, improves resistance, cleans the kidneys and liver, reduces constipation, increases memory, controls high blood pressure and treats jaundice. The drink is highly recommended for pregnant women since it prevents birth defects in the baby.

5. Red wine

Red wine is an enchantress in every sense, more so, when it comes to health benefits. This drink packs in so much antioxidants that a glass each day prevents cancer, reduces harmful effects of smoking, enhances heart health, prevents blood clots, reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease, improves brain function and reduces hypertension.

So, enjoy these drinks and say no to fizzy colas. After all, it is for the good of your health.

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