5 Great Weight Loss Tips for the New Year

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To help you achieve your weight loss goal this year, we share some simple and great tips. Make sure you follow these tips and make utmost use of them so you can lose weight in a consistent and comfortable way.

1. Use a Journal

You will need to keep an exercise and food journal so that you can monitor your everyday activities. Record every bite you take, and note down all the physical activities you indulge in. This will help you understand how much unnecessary calories you munch during your day, and whether you actually are doing any amount of significant physical exercise or not.

2. Monitor the Progress

Unless you know whether your diet and exercises are actually helping you, you may not get motivated to keep them up. So monitor your progress on a regular basis. You cannot hope to lose weight or reduce your waist in just a couple of days. So, give yourself some realistic time, and check out your weight to know your weight loss.

3. Indulge Occasionally

The more you resist a temptation, the stronger it will get. Instead of cutting off sweets, cookies and chocolates from your life, eat sugar-free deserts once a week or so. This will make sure you will not gorge down high calorie desert when an opportunity occurs. You can always indulge in an occasional treat – but be sure to keep it occasional and limited.

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