5 Great Strategies To Build Confidence In Your Child

5 Great Strategies To Build Confidence In Your Child

‘I want my child to be the best’, ‘I hope my child has a great personality’ or ‘Is my child taking part in class and speaking up to get noticed?’ If you’re constantly thinking about these things, the key to make it happen is to build lots of confidence in your child. Here’s how you can do it with these 5 easy ways.

1. Praise and encourage your child as often as you can

The problem: Low self esteem

The solution: ‘Hey, that’s a great drawing you’ve made’ or ‘Hey, you’re my champ’ or ‘You’ve been a very good boy/girl this week. It’s time for a treat’ If you’ve noticed other parents say this to their toddlers, why not you? Even if your child hasn’t done anything particularly exemplary, a line of praise or two wouldn’t hurt, would it?

2. Listen, listen, listen

The problem: You’re not attentive enough

The solution: Our friends have complained to us so many times that their tiny tots utter gibberish and they really can’t understand what it means. Or for kids from age 5 onwards, we’ve heard mums saying, ‘My child doesn’t talk to me enough. How can I make my child confident when I don’t even know what he/she’s going through?’ If you haven’t paid attention to their conversations before, how do you expect other people to?

3. Allow them to make blunders

The problem: You want them to be perfect

The solution: Once we found a dear friend of ours yelling at her 4-year old daughter, ‘How could you possibly break this glass?’ How do you think that would affect her confidence levels? If a young child doesn’t make mistakes, who will? Talking to them gently and making them understand is a better idea.

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