5 Great Steps To Stop Wasting Time

5 Great Steps To Stop Wasting Time

It really doesn’t matter whether you are the Chairperson of a company or a university student. Irrespective of whichever walk of life you may be from, wasting time is one of the worst mistakes you can make. If you think you are not using your time optimally, here are 5 steps you can implement in your daily life and learn how to not waste time.

1. Make a list of to-do things and start ticking it off

Ron, 24, a student and an avid blogger said, “I often get lost in the online world because I love blogging and surfing the Internet which is often a waste of time. I’ve learnt how to not waste my time by making a to-do list that I’ve put up in my room so that I don’t miss out on anything.” Ron believes that such a to-do list makes him mentally conscious about all pending chores and is the best way to learn how to not waste time.

2. Set goals in life

“Goals are your best friend when it comes to knowing how to not waste time,” said Shelia, 34, a nurse who often works the night shift. “I often waste time in the evenings doing nothing only to realize that I have many things pending including making reports for work or catching up on my distance degree studies,” she added. Sheila learnt how to not waste time by setting goals for herself.

3. Take up a hobby

“I thought I had the best life in the world because I live only a 5 minute walk away from workplace. My evenings are usually free and I waste them all, on the couch in front of the TV,” said Allan, 29. He learnt how to not waste time by taking up karate lessons in the evening. “Now my evenings are much more fruitful than just lying on the couch doing nothing,” he added.

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