5 Great Networking Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

5 Great Networking Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

Networking can be an effective way to increase your chances of getting a new job irrespective of which field you want your dream job in. It can help you to be catapulted to the right employer at the right time, through the right channel. Here are a few networking tips you can use to land your dream job.

1. Attend job fairs and recruiting drives

One of the main aims of a job fair or a recruitment drive is to give a company, an organization or a brand exposure to thousands of job seekers. Such fairs don’t necessarily lead to direct and easy employment but you can use them to add more networking leads to your kitty. Attend such fairs and strike a conversation with the company representatives handling the stall or counter. You are likely to get your initial insights into the important people you should be meeting in that particular company to get a job.

2. Attend lectures given by professionals in your field

Attending lectures can be used as a good networking tool to connect with the speaker or other company representatives who may be available at the event. You can try to get access to the speaker after the event ends and introduce yourself to him or her. Exchange business cards if possible and follow up with the speaker for a personal meeting later. Apart from the speaker, you are likely to meet other fellow industry professionals whom you can network with too.

3. Join online industry based communities

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn are the kind of online resources you can use to network in the virtual world and land your dream job. Online professional communities are known to be teeming with industry and interest specific buzz, news and job related announcements. Add relevant industry professionals on your LinkedIn or Facebook profile to see if they are hiring or to know more about the kind of people they want to recruit.

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