5 Fun Things to do on New Years Eve

5 Fun Things to do on New Years Eve

Every person living on this planet looks forward to the New Year. Everyone thinks of the ways to celebrate and herald New Year in a memorable way. If you too are thinking of some things you could do this New Year’s Eve, then check out the following list. You can do the under mentioned things to make this New Year’s Eve special for your friends and family.

1. Plan a theme party

This is one of the most fashionable ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve. You can go for a Gourmet theme party, a Peacock theme party, a Rock Star or a Barbie theme party. You can also consider setting up a Chinese dragons theme, Alice in Wonderland theme or Black and White theme party. Go for a dance party or a Cocktail party if you want to keep things simpler. Arrange for buffets and campfire dinners if you want to have a subtle but unforgettable party. You can hire a magician or a fortune teller to make the party interesting. Don’t forget to include fireworks in your party.

2. Ask everyone to take a New Year’s resolution

You can ask all your guests to take a New Year’s resolution in your party. The tradition of adopting New Year resolutions started back in the pre-Christian era. The Ancient Romans started this concept and used it to make moral resolutions. This tradition helps everyone to leave their bad habits behind and look forward to a better life. Ask every guest to write his/her resolution on a piece of paper and put it in a box called ‘Santa’s Box.’ Don’t forget to encourage the guests to share their resolutions with everyone.

3. Plan a night out

If you are single and don’t live with your parents then a night out will be perfect for you. You can call some of your best friends, gather the troops and go out for a fun filled New Year’s night. Go to a club, go wild and dance for endless hours. It can be a really romantic night if you go out with some other couples.

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