5 Fun Stress Busters

5 Fun Stress Busters

Stress in today’s world is a common phenomenon. In order to get rid of stress, even for a while, the trick is to change the way you are feeling. Anything you do, when you are stressed out, must not aggravate the feeling of melancholy. Do things that will throw you back in pace with feeling good about yourself, your work and the world around you. Listed here are some fun stress busters.

1. Listening to music

Put on your favorite piece of music and shut your eyes. Let everything else around you disappear for a while as you traverse in the world of music. Listening to music will let you relax and forget other trivial matters which might have been the cause of your stress. Better, you may even come up with solutions to your problems!

2. Having chocolate

Choose your favorite chocolate bar and eat it. When you are stressed, your appetite is compromised but when you eat chocolate, it stimulates your taste buds and reminds you that you can actually enjoy eating! Chocolate stimulates the production of feel-good hormones called endorphins which help in de-stressing. Endorphins release serotonin in the body which are natural anti-depressants.

3. Playing video game

There is nothing like playing a video game when you are stressed out. First, the game pulls you into its world and even for some time, you forget everything else. And after you have won that virtual race or have successfully destroyed all the enemy spaceships, you feel a kind of exhilaration, which stimulates you to think differently, thereby de-stressing you.

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