5 Fun Pranks To Pull On Your Boyfriend

Pranks To Pull On Your Boyfriend

Relationships get dry and boring without laughter and fun. Use these interesting pranks to add to the fun and laughter in your relationship.

1. Boiled Eggs

This is a delicate and light prank that you can play on your sweetheart. Simply pick the eggs in his fridge and hard boil all of them. Now carefully place them back in the fridge just like they were before. He’s going to have a hard time preparing scrambled eggs for breakfast!

2. Contacts

When he is not looking, go to the ‘edit’ option on his mobile’s ‘phonebook’ application. Now, change your name to the name of one of his guy friends. Let the number be yours. Now you can send him like a thousand mushy, lovey-dovey messages. It will convince him that his friend is gay and is obsessed with him. This prank will surely scare the life out of your guy.

3. Cake

Get a nice strong hat. Now carefully cover the hat with butter paper and coat it with lots of cream and chocolate sauce. Prepare it in such a way that it resembles a cake from the outside. Tell your boyfriend that you have baked him a cake and give this to him. You will find it hard to control yourself from laughing when you see your boyfriend struggle to cut the cake. This prank must have been tried a hundred times, but it still always works.

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