5 Fun Activities to Do With Your Pet Cat

5 Fun Activities to Do With Your Pet Cat

Having a pet is like having constant amusement and companionship in life. There’s never a dull day as pets add excitement and entertainment to their owners’ lives through their love inducing antics. A pet cat or kitten adds dollops of feel good positive energy in your life and if you are lucky enough to own one or are planning to get one, then have a look at these fun activities that you can carry out with it.

1. Play with a wool ball

The most energetic form of exercise for a cat is to chase after things and play with them till their curiosity is sufficed. A great bonding exercise that you can do with your pet feline is to hold a ball of wool in your hands and let it jump up to catch onto the trail of thread. Once it has the ball, it will keep playing till the ball is fully unraveled.

2. Snuggling with it in bed

There are very few things that are better than snuggling in the bed under a blanket on a cold night with your feline and reading a good book. Cats bond when they receive human contact and they also love to sleep. Snuggling manages to accomplish both the things.

3. Click candid shots or take videos and upload on the Internet

Cats are the biggest sensation online. YouTube, 9Gag and such other video and picture sharing websites are filled with cute cats doing cute antics. Capture a cute pose or activity that your cat does in a picture or video form and see how many ‘oohs’ and ‘awwws’ it garners online. Cats love to pose as well, so it is a two way bonding experience.

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