5 Foods For Winter

5 Foods For Winter

Chilling nights, warm and cozy blankets and freezing mornings are a common scene every winter. Another common occurrence during winter are sporadic hunger pangs. But be sure to keep a check on what you eat. There are some eatables that you should avoid, and some you must consume during winter. Following are a list of the food items that you should have in winter.

1. Soups

What are the chances of having a hot, yummy soup in the blazing heat of summer? Close to zero. Thus, winter is the time to enjoy yummy and healthy soups. Soup is a healthy way to face the winter, either as an appetizer or a snack. There are many types of healthy soups that you can have during winter like tomato soup, baked potato soup, pumpkin soup, chicken noodle soup, French onion soup, mixed vegetables soup and much more. Other than warmth, soups also provide nutrients required for healthy growth of your body.

2. Green vegetables

Green vegetables are another source of essential nutrients required by the body to stay warm in winter. During winter, your body metabolism reaches an all-time low. This is when you need food that is low in calories but equally rich in nutrient content. During winter, you can find the market flooded with vegetables like spinach, lettuce, beetroot, sweet potatoes, cabbage, and okra.

3. Dry fruits

Almonds, raisins, cashew nuts, walnuts are different dry fruits that you can enjoy during winter without worrying about any side effects that you might face during summer time. These are easy to carry, healthy food options that satisfy your hunger as well as provide numerous proteins, vitamins and other nutrients to your body. But take these in limited amounts if you are watching your weight.

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