5 Follow-Up Tips After the First Date

5 Follow-Up Tips After the First Date

There is a hesitation after you come back from your first date. You might think; should you call him up directly? Or should you text him first? This can be a tricky situation for you. Have patience while you follow-up after the first date. Read on to know more.

1. Start with a text

It is a good idea to text him after your date. Do not wait for two or three days to text him. Simply text him two hours after you come back home. Tell him that you had a wonderful time with him. Tell him thanks for his company. He will surely get the hint that you are interested in him. Do not text him more than once, or else it will make you look desperate.

2. Do not call without reason

Call him up if you are sure that you want to meet him again. There is no reason to call him up if you have nothing to tell him. Call him and tell him that he is a wonderful person. Tell him that you never had so much fun with anyone else in your life. This is an easy way to take things ahead.

3. Use Smartphone applications

There are so many Smartphone applications available today. Make good use of them to convey your message clear. Use Whatsapp or We chat and tell him that you enjoyed the date with him. Tell him through a voice message, that you had a lovely time only because of his company. He will definitely call you after your voice message or reading a message on Whatsapp.

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