5 Fitness Myths You Should Know

4. If you want to reduce fat from thighs or arms, you should go for ‘spot reduction’

Though there are some specific exercises to tone certain parts of the body, there is nothing like ‘spot reduction’ as such. This is because body loses weight on a whole, not in parts. You can’t tell your brain that you want to lose weight from thighs and then fat will be burned from thighs. This simply doesn’t happen. What you need is an overall good fitness and nutrition program which will make you look good at all places.

5. ‘As long as I am working out, diet doesn’t matter much’

It’s a very common myth. People think that they can ‘burn’ off the calories, so they tend to consume more assuming they’ll workout more to compensate. If you want your fitness program to succeed, then you need to watch your calorie intake. There’s no wisdom in gobbling high calorie foods after doing your workout. So watch what you eat and how much you eat.

Don’t let these myths sabotage your fitness plan.

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