5 Fashion Tips for Every Occasion

5 Fashion Tips for Every Occasion

The norms of fashion keep changing with time. From movies to local street markets, everything affects the fashion trends. It is thus necessary to keep some of the things that go with all times and all occasions. It would include clothes, makeup, and footwear. Here are some fashion tips for every occasion.

1. Know your skin well

Your face holds a great importance when we talk of fashion as whatever you wear, must be carried well with face makeup. It is thus necessary to know your skin tone, skin type, skin color, and your skin texture. Being aware of how your skin is, will help you use the correct face powder, compact, blush, and foundation. For all occasions, it is best to wear makeup that will support your entire look, so that the face does not look too loud.

2. Check your wardrobe

You must have a variety of collection in your wardrobe, based on your lifestyle. If you are a person who has many friends and you tend to party a lot or have to go out a lot, keep several pairs of jeans and tops. Keep some tops that can be put on with skirts too. You need to have formal wear for your interviews and good elegant clothes for occasions like a friend’s wedding or a family reunion.

3. Your footwear matters

You cannot keep the same footwear for all occasions. So, keep shoes for morning walk, heals for evening dinner or dates and fashionable heels for bigger occasions. Apart from that, always keep sandals handy, in case you are in a rush and you are not able to find anything.

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