5 Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

5 Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

With several alternatives to lose weight, majority of people world over still prefer to exercise. The primary reasons attributing to this popularity are that exercises are safe and offer a long term solution to losing weight. Targeting the right kind of exercises ensures you get rid of body fat as fast as possible.

1. Step aerobics

With step aerobics, you can burn up to 800 calories per hour when done effectively. The exercise focuses primarily on the rear, hips and legs that are often the pain points for most women. Two sessions of thirty minutes every day will deliver visible results in lesser than two weeks. There are many exercises that complement step exercises and one of these include the bench press.

2. Rowing

Being one of the few holistic exercises, rowing is a great calorie burner. Cardio is good as a workout but adding muscular training exercises such as rowing helps you lose weight even faster than you can imagine. Rowing does not just build muscle endurance but also doubles up as an intensive cardio exercise. You can burn up to 600 calories in an hour.

3. Cycling

Over 500 calories can be burnt in an hour by cycling at a speed of twelve to fourteen miles an hour. The exercises places extremely low impact on muscles and joints and therefore you are not prone to injuries of any kind. You may be able to cycle for only short distances when you begin but will eventually build on your strength and cycle for longer durations with time. Slip on a bicycling helmet and sunglasses and step out in style to burn calories the quick way.

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