5 Exciting Exercises for Couples

5 Exciting Exercises for Couples

In order to stay fit, exercise is a necessary element that most of us run away from. And once you are in a committed relationship, you find no time to go to the gym or jog around the park. Well, we are here to tell you that as a couple, you have more options to exercise and keep yourself fit and healthy. And, we are here to help you make exercising fun and exciting when you are doing them with your partner. Enlisted here are 5 such exciting exercises for couples.

1. Ball Throws

There are medicine balls available that are not very heavy and are designed for safe exercises. Grab one of them and stand 5 to 7 feet away from your partner. You basically begin by playing a game of throw and catch. As you get familiar with the ball and are tuned into each other’s abilities, you can squat and repeat the catch and throw exercise.

2. Dance Away

Dancing is a great exercise and believe it or not, by shaking your body along with your partner not only will you enjoy intimacy but your body will benefit as well. Start with hard rock music and as you get tired, switch to a more melodious tone and go in for subtle Waltz dance movements. Salsa is another form of dancing that is an exciting exercise for couple.

3. Stretch Baby

You can stand facing each other and perform simple stretching exercises. Begin with doing simple hamstring stretches and then engage in stretching exercises for the neck, ankles, stomach and thighs.

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