Top 5 Tips On Gym Etiquette

Top 5 Tips On Gym Etiquette

There is nothing more annoying than a person who doesn’t know proper etiquettes to be maintained in a gym, don’t you think? In a place where sweating, germs, grunting and exercise go hand in hand, we should maintain a certain level of etiquette to not offend fellow gym goers. Here are 5 tips on gym etiquette that you must follow.

1. Cover yourself up

Yes, we know that the whole point of your workout is to flaunt a toned body. But a gym is not the place where you want to roam around naked in shower areas or locker rooms. Covering yourself appropriately is a gym etiquette you must maintain, so that other people around you are not uncomfortable when they come in to use the locker or shower area.

2. Control your grunting

The gym is not your tennis court, friends. This is a gym etiquette that you must maintain while you workout. A little bit of grunting and a show of adrenaline is fine, but don’t make loud grunting noises that can be heard by everyone. Grunting too loudly is a bad gym etiquette that may distract others from concentrating and might end up making you look like a fool.

3. Clean up your mess when you leave

We all hate it when we want to use a machine at the gym but it is covered with sweaty patches of the previous person who used it, right? Well, the whole point of this gym etiquette is to make sure you don’t leave your own sweaty patches on a machine after you are done exercising on it. Use hygiene sprays that most gyms offer these days, and keep the place clean and aromatic.

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