5 Essential Etiquette Tips For Women Who Dine Alone

5 Essential Etiquette Tips For Women Who Dine Alone

“As a divorcee, there were many times when I felt like eating out. But I had no option except dining alone. Not only did it feel weird in the beginning, but I wasn’t even aware of the etiquettes to be followed by a woman dining alone”, informed Lara, 42. Friends, let’s arm ourselves with Lara’s tips on etiquette for women who dine alone.

1. Make a reservation, even if it’s for one

“If you thought you can just walk into a restaurant and demand a small table in the corner to eat, let me tell you that it’s not a correct etiquette for women dining alone”, said Lara. “Make a reservation in advance and ensure that you get a nice little window seating for yourself”, she added.

2. Take something to read or keep you busy

“While it’s not mandatory to read while you’re waiting for your food, I still recommend you follow this etiquette as a woman dining alone. This will help you to not keep staring and smiling at other people unnecessarily and invite trouble”, said Lara. Folks, we agree to this etiquette for women who dine alone because it makes a good impression for a single woman to appear busy and happy.

3. Don’t stick on the phone all the time

“I’ve seen many women dining alone constantly yapping away on the phone. While it’s good to look busy, it’s also nice to sit alone by yourself and enjoy the evening”, advised Lara. This is an interesting etiquette for women who dine alone, isn’t it?

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