5 DIY Glamorous Skirts

5 DIY Glamorous Skirts

You could get inspired from the various popular DIY ideas and add your own creativity to create something exceptional and new. The USP of DIY is that there are no fixed ways or methods you could go completely wild with the ideas. There are ways to transform and recreate skirts and make them look stunning. Here are 5 DIY glamorous skirt ideas.

1. Get the peplum look

Peplums are everywhere, peplum skirts, tops or dresses. This trend is very popular and incredibly stylish. You could get a peplum skirt by using this DIY technique. Take a pencil skirt of a solid color and take fabric of a similar color and create a detachable frill layer. This layer would be the peplum over your skirt and would have a belt. You will have a new transformed skirt and also embellish the belt according to your preference.

2. Long story short

The uneven hemlines, short and long hems have become a rage and are so popular. It can be styled according to the occasion, dressy, club wear or day wear, etc. Take a long skirt and cut the front of the skirt starting from the end in a U shape manner. You could choose a solid color or a nice printed skirt. The result would be best with a skirt in flowing fabric.

3. The high waist look

If you have a boring dark color pencil skirt you could transform it into a glamorous high waist skirt. Take sequin fabric of a length that is suitable to be high waist attachment of the regular skirt. Once this extended piece is attached you will have a transformed skirt that would be perfect for a party. Black skirt with a gold sequin high waist band would be a great option.

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