5 Disadvantages of Friends With Benefits

5 Disadvantages of Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits isn’t just that funny romcom where Mila Kunis makes eyes at Justin Timberlake, it is something that seems to be gaining ground all around us. The rise in this phenomenon means it obviously satisfies the needs of the general populace; however is all hunky and dory with such an arrangement? Read on to know some of the reasons why friends with benefits isn’t such a hot idea.

1. Emotions can get in the way

The big idea behind the friends with benefits concept is that it keeps the messy emotions of a relationship out of the picture. However, if you think that you could be physically intimate on a regular basis with a friend and not feel a thing for him you are simply denying the fact that you are a human being. It may come as news to you, but we human beings are a seething cauldron of emotions. We get attached to street dogs if we see them long enough; this is an actual person you are sharing your bed with. So yes, it is going to get complex sooner or later. One of you is going to start to see more into the relationship then there really is and then all hell will break loose.

2. You do not get the relationship positives

Believe it or not, being in a relationship has certain things going for it. You get stability for one. You know that when things go awry, you have someone to go home to and share your problems with. On a more simplistic level, you have someone you can sign up for salsa class with, buy a dog with – things which make you feel warm and mushy on the inside. It is a great feeling to be with someone, to relax in someone’s company. Friends with benefits is the exact opposite of all that, so if you are the type who believes that Harry actually met Sally and they lived happily ever after, then this one is not for you.

3. A social disadvantage

There can be awkwardness in defining your relationship to other people. Even if you have a zippy zappy swift life, you will have a social circle you sometimes like to hang out with. You may have common friends and it might get a little difficult to introduce your beneficial friend as just that. Till the time friends with benefits gets an acronym on the lines of say BFF (standing for best friends forever!) it will be a tad difficult to talk about your relationship with your friends.

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