5 Differences Between Tea And Coffee

5 Differences Between Tea And Coffee

Tea and coffee have been rivals of each other since times unknown. While most people find their morning dull and boring without having a cup of coffee, many others find it hard to survive without tea. While both help to keep us awake and rejuvenated, tea and coffee have a few differences that contribute to their distinct identities. Have a look.

1. Caffeine level

Although both tea and coffee have certain amounts of caffeine in them, it is coffee that comprises the bigger lot. While the caffeine content in a cup of tea is approximately 55 milligrams; in a cup of coffee, it is approximately 125-128 milligrams! The caffeine content in tea helps to increase concentration levels. On the contrary, the caffeine content in coffee arouses a feeling of anxiety, popularly known as “coffee jitters”.

2. Cancer prevention

Studies reveal that tea contains an appropriate amount of quercetin that helps fight cancer and cardiovascular ailments. Coffee, apparently, does not possess any of these qualities. One more study states that the cancer rate in Asian countries is much lesser than the Americas; one of the deciding factors being the high intake of tea!

3. Pain relief

Tea comprises some ingredients that provide immense relief from inflammatory disorders and arthritis. It also reduces blood clotting. Coffee, on the other hand, is known for its abilities to provide relief from asthma and Parkinson’s disease.

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