5 Common Menstrual Problems

5 Common Menstrual Problems

As the female body shows signs of transition from a girl into a woman, a lot of complex changes happen in the body. Menstrual cycle is one major symbol of the transition. With the fluctuating hormonal levels, innumerable changes occur in the body and it projects out in different ways in every woman. Check out 5 common menstrual problems suffered by women.

1. Pain during periods

When the lining of the womb sheds its layers, it leads to menstrual flow. This becomes painful at times, as your womb contracts during the process. Not everyone feels much pain, but for some it becomes unbearable. Studies say that if the pain is intolerable, it can be due to too many prostaglandins, or pain-causing chemicals that help in contraction.

2. Heavy blood flow

Another common menstrual problem is heavy blood flow or menorrhagia. Common signs include soaking of sanitary pad or tampon per hour, need to change pads overnight, heavy flow of blood that lasts for 7 days, flow that includes clots and the like. It generally happens due to imbalance in hormones or fibroid growth. Serious underlying problems like cancer can also not be neglected.

3. Irregular periods

An irregular period is another problem that most of the women are worried about. Early or late periods, prolonged days of periods, heavy or less flow of blood, come under the irregular periods category. This can happen due to the hormonal imbalance in the body or due to change in the method of contraception. Factors like polycystic ovary syndrome, weight loss or too much exercise can also cause hormonal imbalance resulting in irregular periods.

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