5 Christmas Party Games for Teens

5 Christmas Party Games for Teens

Teens are pretty much the hardest to keep entertained in a party. Even if they are not bored with whatever is being done, they will be compelled to act bored and complain to maintain their cool factor. They will also never shy away from putting you down or criticize you if you come up with a game that they deem is too childish for them. Coming up with Christmas party games for kids is more like walking through a mine field as you never know when they will burst with laughter or anger over the course of the party. Here are a few Christmas party games for the teens in the party.

1. Building a fort

They can build a fort either out in the snow or they can build an elaborate fort inside the house. They can have the smaller kids as their lieutenants and can get their help in building the fort and also in guarding the fort. This sport gives them more importance and when the little kids have to listen to them, instead of them entertaining the little ones, they are happier.

2. Making the biggest Snowman

No one but teens can come up with wicket designs and can also make enormous snowmen. Their energy and their constantly bubbling ideas will make them the perfect candidates for this game. You will be surprised as the size of the snowmen when you announce a prize at the end of the game.

3. Decorating the backyard with toilet paper

Almost all teens will have this idea or the desire to decorate any house with toilet paper at least at some point in their lives. Why not grant their wish and make them happy on Christmas by actually turning this into a game? Also make sure you remind them that the fastest cleaner will also get the best prize of the lot.

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