5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Brother

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teenage Brother

Pleasing a teenager is a task that is almost next to impossible even when the said teenager happens to be your brother. It especially becomes difficult when it is your brother as then he can be open and criticize you at will. Sometimes things can be so bad that you will wonder why you even bothered to get him a gift in the first place. But brothers will always be brothers and no matter how much grief they give you for getting them the wrong gift, later on you will find your gift being among their most treasured possessions. Just because they love also does not mean you can get sloppy in buying them Christmas gifts, you should pick the right gift and something they actually want and will like for Christmas. Here are some Christmas gift ideas for your teenage brother.

1. His favorite video game

You can never go wrong with video games unless you are really clueless and get him a game that you played as a teenager. Then he will really not like the gift and will make fun of you for a long time to come. Find out what game is in vogue and what games your brother is into before buying him his favorite video game.

2. Get him a t-shirt with his favorite band

Find out what is his favorite band and get him one of their original t-shirt. If you can get them autographed, he would probably worship you can think of you as the coolest and greatest person in the world, but a good t shirt is enough to at least make him smile when he opens your gift on Christmas.

3. Cool shades

You can also buy your teenage brother some really cool shades. If he really likes them he would wear it everywhere he goes and also think of you and take good care of it. Get something mature for his age so we will also look cool with his shades.

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