5 Biggest Myths About Men

5 Biggest Myths About Men

Men are not that simple and easy to understand, as many women may believe. Men are quite complicated and intriguing creatures, and barely let others get a peek of their real self. There are several generally believed myths about men that are so not true!

1. Men Fear Commitment

Men are expected to appear rough and tough. The common notion of masculinity being invincible demands men to be constantly on the edge. Most men, to maintain this image, do not openly display affection. They hesitate to get intimate or share secrets with a woman easily. But once a man realizes that you truly love him, he will easily make you his life.

2. Men Don’t Like to Talk

This is probably the most common myth. Well, a man’s thoughts, like and dislikes differ drastically from that of a woman’s. So, men usually hold back their views thinking that it might not be well received or appreciated. When they are listened to and understood, men open up freely and communicate better.

3. Men Think Only About Sex

Men certainly give a tad more importance to sex than women, but it does not mean that they cannot live a moment without thinking about sex. Men value emotions, intimacy and a strong relationship as much as women. They long to get soul mates and find true love too.

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