5 Best Ways to Break Up Amicably

5 Best Ways to Break Up Amicably

Breakups can be nasty and dramatic, but there are ways to do it so that the situation can be kept under control and things won’t go out of hand. Here are 5 ways to break up amicably.

1. Keep it simple and straightforward rather than accusing

Be honest and keep forth your reason of breaking up in a very simple manner. Do not say things in a complex manner, it may hurt your partner anyway, but still you should make it a point to say it very politely and make him understand the reason to do so because you owe that much to him. Making him understand a situation calmly will help.

2. Make him understand that it should be mutual

Convince your partner for a mutual break up, because since one of you anyways don’t want the relationship, there is no point of any further discussion. Make your partner understand the situation and the reason to breakup, put forth the idea of mutually breaking up without any unwanted fights and arguments.

3. Let him know that there are problems

Giving a sudden shock of break up is not a good idea, if you really have started feeling that you don’t want to be a part of the relationship anymore, you need to be sure about and slowly start giving hints to your partner and make him understand without being brutally honest. It may help reduce the pain of sudden shock because your partner would have already sensed that this may happen very soon.

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