5 Best Summer Foods For Weight Loss

5 Best Summer Foods For Weight Loss

Gone are the chilly winters where you could hide your flab under the heavy coats and furry jackets. With the advent of summers comes the time to flaunt those halters and exhibit some short dresses, thus it becomes essential to lose weight. With the barbeque season on, it becomes difficult to avoid calorie laden food completely. So, healthy food consumption during the summer season becomes all the more obligatory. You should plan your menu in such a way that you consume food which helps cool down the body temperature and help you to withstand the scorching heat, apart from aiding in effective weight loss.

1. Chilled soups

Cold soups are mostly favored by nutritionists, as a good summer food, like cucumber dill. It is a light and low calorie food, having great extent of nutrients. Most cold soups have coarse vegetables, thus it can make a healthy and low fat meal. It is a light food, fills your stomach quickly, and avoids overeating.

2. Raw fruits and vegetables

Eating raw vegetables and fruits can help you lose weight quicker than other food stuffs. Our body has a tendency to burn 16 % more calories by eating raw fruits and vegetables. Moreover, food which is cooked and boiled loses its natural nutrients and also increases fat consumption. Thus, fruits and vegetables that can be eaten raw should be included in your diet chart.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is another good choice to include in your meals, as it helps in preventing fat accumulation in your body. It is rich in fiber and helps reducing your appetite, thus prevents overeating. Oatmeal is a better choice because it provides you more energy and also helps reduce hunger pangs. In addition to the aforementioned points, oatmeal also helps burn your fats faster and keeps you active for longer hours.

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