5 Benefits of Egg Whites

5 Benefits of Egg Whites

Have you always thought that the yellow yolk of an egg is better for you than the egg white? Here are 5 health benefits of egg whites that will force you to include egg whites in your diet.

1. Egg whites have a very high content of protein, called albumen, which is an excellent source of energy. This is the only protein that is instantly absorbed by the body, giving you an instant boost of energy. Other foods with a high level of proteins (such as meat) need to be broken down by the digestive system of the body in order to allow the proteins to be absorbed, thus prolonging the process. Also, because of this, the body receives only about 33% of the protein after the completion of the breakdown process. Hence, egg whites instantly give you 100% natural benefits as the breakdown process gets eliminated.

2. The proteins found in egg whites also help in building muscles and strengthening them. The natural proteins increase the supply of amino acids that are ideal to build muscles. Lutein, a carotenoid helps in preventing age-related muscular degradation. They also help in strengthening the bones in your body.

3. Egg whites are incredibly low in calories and they also help in burning fat. So, if you’re trying to shrink your waist, you must include them in your breakfast. They make you feel energetic and fuller, longer than carbohydrates do. As they are such an excellent source of energy, without the calories, they are brilliant in helping you achieve your fat loss goals.

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