5 4th of July Games

4. Craft Work Game

If you would prefer something interesting for you to play with your kids inside your house, how about indulging in some good craft work. There are several tutorials available online which will help you organize a great craft work at your home. To make this more interesting, you can ask the kids to make a craft to conduct their own personalized games.

5. Circle Game

This is a game that can be customized and changed as per your likes. Make all the kids, and also the adults sit in a circle. Choose three colors – white, blue and red. The first person must pick a color (blue, maybe) and say some object in that color. The next person must name an object in another color (red) and the next person must say an object in the last color (white). This game goes on in the same order of colors and no object must be repeated, and neither should a person think for too long before speaking out an object of a specific color.

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