5 4th of July Games

5 4th of July Games

With 4th of July fast approaching, we present with you a few games that you can organize for your kids and their friends on this day. We have put together a few indoor and outdoor games to keep yourselves entertained on this holiday.

1. Costume Game

On 4th of July, how about you organizing a game and asking your kids and their friends to dress up in a variety of costumes? However, the theme must be patriotism and so the dress up must be something related to 4th of July and patriotism. Alternatively, you could make a list of dress ups and ask each kid to pick one.

2. Colors Game

How about organizing a driveway chalk coloring game to make sure your kids can paint away on this 4th of July? Just get some colorful chalks and declare a theme so that your kids can let their imagination run wild. You could even declare a winner at the end of the game. But it is probably a good idea to award all the participants.

3. Puzzles and Quizzes

You could come up with puzzles and quizzes to test how much your kids actually know about the country and 4th of July. There are also some word games and board games specifically made for this day. Such games will help the kids learn more about this day.

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