4 Ways to Make Hair Wavy

4 Ways to Make Hair Wavy

Are you bored of your straight hair look? If you wish to change your hairstyle, then there are many ways to make your hair wavy. Changing your look occasionally not only makes you look different but also boosts your confidence. Many women opt for wavy hair look for different occasions. Listed below are some ways to make your hair wavy.

1. Make braids to make hair wavy

Braids do play an important role in making your hair wavy. If you have not tried, braiding then do it now. Make four to six different hair sections, and braid each section tightly. Keep this overnight. When you open your hair in the morning, your hair will have a natural wavy texture. Create two different hair sections in front for bangs to complete your hairstyle.

2. Try scrunching your hair

Have you ever tried the scrunching method to make your hair wavy? If not, then try it once because it really makes your hair look good. Many hair-scrunching products are available in market. Wash your hair and let it dry up. Use a mousse or a scrunching hair cream. Voila! Make your hair look wavy instantly.

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