4 Ways to Make Father’s Day Special for Your Dad

4 Ways to Make Father's Day Special for Your Dad

How do you make a day special for a special person in your life? There are so many things said about the sacrifices and the love a mother has for a child. The role played by a dad in a child’s life is seldom spoken about and very rarely appreciated. If anything, dad’s are always under the spotlight and their every action or inaction when it comes to bringing up their kids is scrutinized. Most dads’ get a raw deal out of the whole thing. Although they might do their best to be around for the kid, it is the mom that most kids run to when they are disturbed or when they want something. You may have done your share of dad bashing too when you felt like he wasn’t spending enough time with you. If you are very thankful and do not know how to put it across, or feeling guilty and looking for an opportunity to ask for forgiveness, do not look too far as Father’s day is the perfect day to let him know how you feel and also make him feel special. Here are some ways to make Father’s day special for your dad.

1. Make him the center of attraction

Make whatever you do revolve around him for one day. Bake a cake for him, make him his favorite dishes, help him work around the house, clean his car for him, do the small things in life that would make him happy for a day. Make him feel like he is the best dad in the world. Make him feel proud of you. The day a dad can feel immensely proud of his kids and family is indeed a very special day for him.

2. Take him to your workplace

There’s nothing like embarrassing your dad a little in front of a little crowd. You can show him around your workplace and tell people he is the reason behind your success, the driving force behind the person you are today. He would feel very special knowing that he had been good enough to be credited for your success.

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