4 Ways to Make Christmas Memorable Without Spending Much

4 Ways to Make Christmas Memorable Without Spending Much

As much as Christmas has become this consumerist festival which gives predominance to shopping, putting up decorations and buying gifts for people, there are certain things about Christmas that we should not forget; Christmas is all about sharing what you have with the others. Christmas is also about hope, the hope that good can come out of the bad and that everyone will have a good life. The birth of Christ is about the promise that God made to his people and when people remember these basic ideas about spending Christmas, they will find enough ways to spend Christmas and make it memorable without having spent much. Here are some ways you too can spend Christmas without burning a large hole in your pocket.

1. Have a potluck dinner

Instead of hosting a lavish dinner and spending tonnes of money and energy on that, you can have a potluck dinner, where everyone who is invited can bring anything they choose to. There should be no rules as to what they should bring. This way you do not spend much and also get to share each other’s food and experiences.

2. Teach your children about the value of giving and gifting

Instead of spending a lot on the gifts you would be giving to your children, give them some money and ask them to spend it on buying gifts for those who are less fortunate than them. It doesn’t have to be expensive gifts, but should be gifts that would make a difference in their lives. This way the Christmas would be memorable to your kids and you also won’t be spending a great deal on gifts.

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