4 Ways to Deal With Your Jealous Ex-boyfriend

4 Ways to Deal With Your Jealous Ex-boyfriend

While a jealous boyfriend is adorable at some level, a jealous ex-boyfriend is an out and out disaster all set to ruin your life. What right does he have to come after you when you clearly are not ‘his’ anymore? The worst thing is, a jealous ex might end up affecting your current or future relationships for he will always create problems. Here are a few ways of dealing with your jealous (psycho) ex-boyfriend.

1. Reach out to his friends.

You must be knowing some of his friends. Reach out to the ones with whom you gelled the most. Talk to them. They should be sympathetic ideally. Tell them how their friend is making your life miserable. Be very clear about the fact that you do not want him in your life and tell them to do something about it. If they say they cannot, or do not want to get involved, try to convince them.

2. Confront him directly.

The reason he is being all jealous and possessive is maybe because he does not truly believe that you are over him. You have to give it to him straight. Return all his gifts and meet him once to tell him that you are done, and you do not want him interfering in your life and making it hard. Of course, you should take your friends with you and ask them to stay on a standby mode. If nothing works, try this, “If you ever cared for me, you would leave me alone and let me be happy.”

3.Confide in your current/future boyfriends.

Whenever you start a new relationship, be very honest about the problems your ex is creating in your life. Telling your current boyfriend the truth will make things easier for your boyfriend and you guys will learn how to ignore the things your jealous ex is doing. This will also show him that you trust him enough to confide in him and the attempts of your ex will go in vain.

4. Get a restraining order.

If nothing else works, go ask the law for help. Get a restraining order. Spending a night in jail would be good for him, and maybe that will finally make him realize that he has lost you and it is time he stops acting crazy and lets you go. But, take this action only in an extreme situation.

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