4 Unique Wedding Themes

4 Unique Wedding Themes

Having a wedding theme while planning the joyous occasion has more advantages that just adding beauty and glamor to the entire ordeal. Wedding themes help you to answer and combat most challenges that you would usually encounter while planning for one. These include decisions to coordinate favors, flowers, menu, dresses, decorations, invites and many such critical details. There are formal, casual, party and wacky wedding themes you could try out depending upon the couple’s personality, location and budget. Few such unique wedding themes are listed here.

1. Pirate Theme

There are a whole series of pirate movies that do their share of rounds and also become the source of inspiration in the world of wedding themes. You can charter a boat or if your pocket permits, a small cruise and get your guests on board. Begin with invitations by either putting the message on a piece of paper in a bottle or use a treasure map styles invite with old style paper. Burning the edges carefully will make it appear a lot more authentic. Do not forget sand or sea shells in the invite or other elements such as in the location and decorations. Identify custom cloth makers who can help you design and create the wedding gown in sync with the pirate theme and also get your bridesmaid gowns made at the same time. While it is possible to use different colors for bridesmaid clothes, it is better to stick to earth tones such as browns, deep blues and greens.

2. Fairytale Theme

A theme filled with enchantment and fantasy is what fairytale weddings promise. A Cinderella theme is something you could try your hands with. Get invitations printed on a scroll that can be encased in narrow tubular containers. A background with a magic wand or glass slipper will give your guests the idea instantly. Gather a variety of flowers including tulips, lilacs, gardenia, camellia and roses and develop a great accent for the tables. Making a beautiful princess wedding gown will be both rewarding and greatly satisfying. The theme should reflect love, beauty, grandeur and some magic for the bride, groom as well as the guests.

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