4 Tips to Make Makeup Last Longer

4 Tips to Make Makeup Last Longer

Don’t you wish the makeup you apply stayed for a longer time? Well, every woman does feel the same. Today makeup can stay for long by following many ways. For example, there are makeup products in the market, which claim of a longer stay. Here we give you some tips to make your makeup stay longer, read on.

1. Apply a long stay foundation

Before applying this, gently moisturize your face with an oil free moisturizer. Always choose a long stay foundation for makeup. Choose a powder based or compact based foundation. For longer stay, waterproof foundation will also work. While applying the foundation, softly blend it, and then apply on the whole face. Pay attention to the edges of the face. Apply it evenly from downward to upward direction to get good results. Apply a non-stick concealer if you need to hide all the flaws. Applying primer on your face will also work, if you want the foundation to stay for long.

2. Apply a base to your lips

Make the lip makeup stay for a longer time by applying a lip pencil. Apply a lip liner and then fill in color stay lip color. Also, try the translucent powder method for making the lipstick stay longer. Apply the powder and use a tissue to dab some on the lips. Then apply the lip liner and finally a good color stay lip color. This method will help to make the lip color stay for a longer time. Lip primer might also help if you want your lipstick to stay for a longer time.

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