4 Tips to Get the 80s Makeup Look

4 Tips to Get the 80s Makeup Look

The 1980s was an era of exaggerated dramatics when it comes to costumes and makeup. If there is one word to describe it, the word would be loud. Although the look had its limitations, it is now come back in style after three long decades. However, the retro look is now combined with modern makeup techniques to make it look attractive and make a strong style statement.

– Two main elements of the 80s makeup

In order to get the perfect 80s look, all you need to do is get two things right – eyes and cheeks. And you need to make them both, bright and dark. If you want to go in for something more authentic, make up your hair to match the 80s look. The look of the 80s was all about dark eye shadows, deep shades of lipsticks and prominent cheekbones. Here are the tips to get the perfect 80s makeup look.

1. Get the foundation right

The first step is to choose a foundation that can create the image of a dewy skin. In case your skin is dewy naturally, just a bit of moisturizer would work the magic. Do not go in for a bronzed look because it clashes with the bright eyed makeup and highlighted cheeks. Typically, foundation has to be lighter than your natural skin tone.

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